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In our fledgling’s age group staff will allow your child to adjust to the new routine and equipment in the room. All our fledgling units are divided into different developmental areas to promote independence, communication skills, well being, identity and belonging. Our rooms are designed such that activities and equipment are at the child’s level meaning the child decides what they want to play with under the caring guidance of their staff.

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Our programme is designed to stimulate all your child’s developmental needs. At this stage your child will become more verbally proficient and independent every day. We will introduce your child to new concepts, ideas and activities. Songs, stories, dancing and imaginative play will feature strongly in your child’s daily routine. The children will learn to interact and play with their friends in a warm and fun loving environment.

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Pre School / Montessori

In all our Wee Care crèches we offer a well rounded and developmentally challenging Montessori and pre-school programmes. These programmes are especially designed to prepare your child for primary school. In all of our branches we offer full and part time classes where your child will be introduced to numbers, letters and writing skills. In our Dublin branches we provide the Montessori Method of teaching this form of teaching encourages the child to develop their knowledge and skills in mathematics, language, reading, writing, botany, geography and worldwide cultures.

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Our afterschool programme is for children aged 5 to approx 11 years of age. We provide a safe, punctual and reliable school collection service from all local schools. In our afterschool clubs the children will enjoy extensive indoor and outdoor activities which the children will design and create themselves under the supervision of their teachers. Our teachers will provide the opportunity for the children to do on-going projects, sports, computer work, board games etc. We also provide supervised homework sessions.

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Bilingual Programmes

Wee Care is the first nursery in Belfast to introduce a bilingual programme of French/English for our 3-5 year age groups. Due to the phenomenal success of this programme we introduced an Irish/English Montessori class to our RTE nursery. The children adapted very quickly to this environment and are thriving...
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With over 25 years in the industry and locations in both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, Wee Care has the strength and knowledge to ensure your child receives only the best of care in their developing early years. Why not see if one of our nurseries is near you...
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Our Ethos

It is our aim that at all times your child should feel secure, be safe, learn and have fun in your absence. Your child is always our main priority and we encourage and instil individuality and self confidence. We ensure provision of a stimulating, warm and caring environment for each child.
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