Age Groups

After School Clubs BelfastAt Wee Care in Belfast and Dublin, we provide a well planned, stimulating, safe and secure environment with distinctive play areas in which children can explore and play. All of our rooms are divided into different areas of play to help nurture and encourage these areas of development. The toys are at the children’s level, we feel that children learn most effectively through actions rather than from instruction. Children are given the freedom of choice in the activity that they wish to do, this empowers them to make their own decisions which leads to the development of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Children who feel confident in themselves and their own ability have a head start in learning.  The encouragement and nurturing of confidence in children is among one of the first and most important responsibilities of Wee Care staff. Wee Care as a whole strive to develop warm and positive relationships with the children that will enable them to feel welcome, secure and valued.


The areas within our rooms:

  • There is a home corner, in which the children enhance their imaginative skills through role play, dress up, playing with buggies, tea sets, doctor’s sets, setting up different environments such as an office, a shop, a school etc.
  • In the arts and crafts area the children have unlimited access to a wide range of materials; playdough, paint, glue, crayons, pens, safety scissors, and a large variety of papers.  The children’s art is always child led, and the emphasis is always on the creativity of the child rather than the end product.
  • A sand and water area to introduce early maths concepts such as ‘full’ and ’empty’ and also to encourage sensory play through introducing different colours and textures to the trays.
  • In the construction area the children have the chance to experiment with various building blocks, tools, cars, trucks and nuts and bolts, to name a few!
  • The quiet corner and library area is an area the children can go to if they feel they need to move away from the main activity of the room.  In this corner there is a wide range of books and some soft furnishings for the children to relax. The children also have story time and daily circle time in this area.
  • In our cognitive are their are various table top activities which the children can use, jigsaws, threading exercises, beads, octoplay etc. This helps develop logical thinking and fine motor skills.
  • The children also have access to indoor physical equipment such as soft play climbing sets, balls, beanbags etc to help children develop their gross motor skills even when the weather is too bad to go outside!
  • Early maths and science areas are also present for some ages with measuring scales, colour paddles, magnifying glasses and kaleidoscopes available for exploration.