0 – 1 years: Babies

Wee Care Babies

We understand that sometimes, starting your baby in a day nursery can be a challenging time for parents. Bearing this in mind, our baby rooms are designed to be warm and welcoming and our highly trained professional carers will provide you with the much needed support during this transition. Our soft furnishings in the baby room and warm soothing atmosphere in the sleeping room will create a home from home environment for your baby.


Wee Care about your babies’ routine….

In our baby rooms our staff will follow the routine already established by you for your baby. We will follow your babies routine for eating and sleeping to ensure that your baby gets exactly what she/he needs throughout the day. Staff will carefully monitor your baby while they sleep in our separate cot room.


Wee Care about your babies’ development….

In our baby units we will observe each individual baby and then devise activity programmes based on these observations that are suited to each child’s stage of development. In all our baby rooms you will find equipment to stimulate the senses such as ‘texture bags’, musical instruments, smell boxes toys of differing texture. Equipment is provided to assist the development of leg muscles in preparation  for their first steps. We sing songs and read stories on an everyday basis and offer lots of cuddles throughout the day.


Wee Care about your babies’ nutrition….

We provide a carefully chosen nutritious menu for growing babies that includes a hot lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. For our smaller babies we offer bottles throughout the day in the arms of one of our loving carers.