1 – 2 years: Fledglings


Moving into the Fledglings stage is a real milestone for your baby.  You may begin to recognise your child as a maturing young boy/girl and you will be presented with the challenges that go alongside this stage. Our Fledglings staff are completely understanding and supportive of this stage and our rooms are designed and equipped to acknowledge yours and your child’s requirements. All of your child’s developmental needs will be met, while the softness and gentleness required of such a young child will be maintained throughout.


Wee Care about your child’s development….

The staff in Fledglings will observe your child and then plan fun activities for the week ahead all helping with your child’s many areas of development. These activities include; play dough, arts and crafts, baking, dancing, singing, stories, sand & water play among others! Outside play is also an important part of the Fledglings day.


Wee Care about your child’s nutrition….

We provide healthy and nutritious hot lunch and snacks for your child. The children are all encouraged to eat together and with our staff which helps to promote good table manners and social interaction with each other. We provide vegetarian menus and any allergies a child might have will be taken into account when preparing their meals. Water and milk are available  throughout the day and at mealtimes.

Wee Care about your child’s sleep….

Our staff will gently soothe your child to sleep on their own sleep mat with soft music.  Children in the Fledglings room usually sleep from 12 – 2pm.


Wee Care about keeping you informed….

We keep a daily report  for your child, the staff will go through this report with you at the end of each day, so you know exactly what and how much your child has had to eat and drink, sleep times, nappy changes and what they have been doing during their busy day in the Fledgling room!