Dublin – Montessori

Wee Care Day Nurseries

At Montessori level education is a very personal experience. Montessori education here at Wee Care is unlike the mass production elements of some other schools, it is truly hand crafted. The touch of a hand, the gentle guidance of teachers, the materials which invite a child’s inquisitive hand, all help create that moment when an individual child working at his/her pace discovers some new element of his/her world.

Dr. Maria Montessori did not exhort us to “follow the children” she urged us to “follow the child”. Our Montessori classrooms are designed so that from the very first greeting at morning circle, to the final goodbye at the end of the day each child is presented with all the nurturing that is needed. Each child is unique and every child’s experience in our Montessori classrooms is highly personal.

This is an environment in which a child is safe to take risks in the process of learning, an environment where no child is thwarted by a fear of failure. What one means by “risk” differs for each child. For one child it may be simply transferring a set of beads from one bowl to another whilst for another child it may be trying his hand at writing his name. Whatever the effort, our gifted group of teachers is there to guide, to support and to follow the child in all his/her uniqueness.


What we provide at Wee Care for your Montessori child:

  • Large well equipped Montessori classrooms
  • Highly trained teachers and assistants
  • Daily and term reports of each child’s progress
  • Daily outdoor activities
  • We present Christmas and graduation plays
  • Beautiful large, well ventilated classrooms
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Large well equipped outdoor areas
  • A bilingual Montessori programme (RTE crèche)
  • Breakfast, snacks and a hot meal


We offer the ECCE free preschool year in our Dublin branches please go this page for more information.