Belfast: Wildlife Week in the children’s words

This week was Wildlife week, on Tuesday we had a visit from T.A.C.T. (Talnotry Avian Care Trust) who brought in animals which had been injured and are not suitable to go back into the wild again. There was an owl, rabbit, fox, ferret and a hedgehog. We also made an elephant which we named ‘Roberto McNulty’. We ordered him from the internet and he came in six pieces – four legs, a body and a head. We stuck him together with paper and glue which was quite tricky, then we decorated him with special patterned paper. We worked very hard and it took us four days to finish Roberto but it was worth it because he looks amazing!!!


Written by: Jordan, Oliver, Abbie, Ben, Caitlin, Niamh & Aimee







Posted by Phil on July 20, 2012

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