Tackling the Issue of Poor Child Literacy and Numeracy

Northern Ireland’s Public Accounts committee recently announced that 1 in 6 children is leaving primary school with inadequate literacy and numeracy levels. However, research indicates that many of these children who struggle with the fundamentals of reading and writing will have a better chance of keeping up with their peers if the issue is tackled at an earlier rather than later stage of their educational development.

At Wee Care we believe that a child’s education begins long before school and that the early formative years are important for setting out the fundamentals and that learning does not just happen during school time. As part of our childcare service in our Belfast nurseries, we offer a bilingual teaching programme of French and English for our 3-5 year old age group. Although most schools in Northern Ireland not offering languages as a subject until post-primary level, we believe that preschool level is the ideal time to begin teaching children a second language as they not only have an immense curiosity and thirst for knowledge, but they also tend to pick things up more quickly than other age groups.

At our crèche centres in South Dublin, we offer a Montessori teaching programme. Here the children under the care of our fully-trained childminders learn in a mentally stimulating environment at a pace that suits them. Our classrooms are fully-equipped for purpose with each item intended to fit in with our Montessori teaching programme.

To find out more about the curricula in either of our Dublin or Belfast locations or even to find out about our childcare options to suit you and your child, call us on 028 9058 2003 for our Belfast nurseries or 00353 1 280 8144 for our Dublin creche

Posted by Phil on October 22, 2013

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