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Belfast: Antrim Road

Weecare Antrim Road - Belfast - child - day care - nursery

Our nursery is located in 2 adjoining houses. One caters for children between 3mths - 3 years of age. The second house caters for Preschool aged 3 years to afterschool. Read More

Belfast: Kings Road

Weecare Kings Road - Belfast - child - day - care - nursery

The Kings Rd nursery caters for children aged 2 years 3 months up to 11 years of age. The children feed in from our North Road nursery which we work very closely with.
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Belfast: North Road Infants

Weecare North Road Infants - Belfast - creche - child - day care - nursery

The North Rd nursery has 6 rooms to cater for children aged 12 weeks to 2 years 3 months. We have designed these rooms to specifically cater for the nursery age group. Read More

Belfast: North Road Toddlers

Weecare North Road Toddlers - Belfast - creche - child - day care - nursery

Wee Care Toddlers, part of our innovative East Belfast group of nurseries, is located just two doors up from Wee Care Infants at 119 North Road. Read More

Belfast: Windsor Ave

Weecare Windsor Avenue - Belfast - creche - children - nursery - day care

The Windsor Ave nursery is set in a lovely Victorian home which comprises of 7 large rooms. We cater for all age groups from babies onwards. Each room is colourful and fully equipped... Read More

Dublin: Monkstown

Weecare Monkstown - Dublin - creche - day car - nursery - child

The Monkstown nursery is a beautiful 3 story Georgian building surrounded by 5 outdoor areas. All outdoor & indoor areas are designed to meet the different needs of all age groups. Read More

Dublin: RTE

Weecare RTE - Dublin

The RTE nursery is a purpose built nursery for the sole use of employees of RTE Dublin. It consists of 7 age appropriate rooms for children aged 3 mths to 5 years of age. Read More