Belfast: Christmas preparations at Wee Care Toddlers

Christmas preparations at Wee Care Toddlers in East Belfast

Wee Care Toddlers at 119 North Road have been very busy preparing for Santa’s arrival. We have had great fun dressing up as Rudolph and decorating our lovely new Christmas tree! This week we used both corn flour and shaving foam to make some special snow. (and we waited very patiently for our turn, to play in it.)


Some of the us even made hand print Christmas decorations to bring home to our families. We rolled out the dough all by ourselves and we had to wait ages for them to cook. Afterwards we painted them and added some glitter for extra Christmas sparkle! We also painted our very own Christmas trees- any colour we wanted. Who said a Christmas tree had to be green?? Later this week a very special visitor all the way from the North Pole is coming to see us, we are all very excited!!


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Posted by Phil on December 18, 2013

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