Our Nutrition

Wee Care Day Nurseries

Here at Wee Care we know how important good nutrition is for growing children. At Wee Care we provide a healthy nutritious daily menu for the children which has been thoroughly researched taking into account the daily requirements needed.

We understand that healthy eating habits start from an early age in order to develop and support these habits, at Wee Care we will provide for your child:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
  • A menu which is varied to ensure that your children are getting the variety of foods that they need for a healthy balanced diet.
  • All our menus are salt and sugar free and are pureed down to the right consistency.
  • A Vegetarian menu if required.
  • Special dietary requirements will always be catered for.
  • All our staff are trained regularly in food safety to ensure they understand the importance of hygienic preparation of food.
  • The children are taught from an early age the importance of healthy eating through songs, stories and age appropriate activities.
  • Wee Care has a no nuts allowed on the premises policy.
  • We rotate our menus every 4 weeks.


Please see below examples of the various nutritious meals & snacks that we provide:

Dublin Crèches

– Variety of cereals for all ages.

Morning snacks:
– Breadsticks
– Rice cakes
– Raisins
– Cheese cubes

We also offer fruit on a daily basis

Main dinners:
– Turkey with broccoli and potato
– Chicken & tomato risotto
– Mince beef & onion pie with mashed potato & peas
– Salmon with pasta

Afternoon snacks:
– Cheese & ham toasted sandwiches
– Carrot/parsnip soup and warm brown rolls
– Toasted cinnamon bagels
– Carrot hummus & pitta bread


Belfast Nurseries

Morning snacks:
– Breadsticks
– Rice cakes
– Raisins
– Toast

We also offer a selection of fruit on a daily basis

Main lunch:
– Irish stew
– Chicken casserole
– Mild chicken curry and rice
– Pasta bolognese

Followed by yoghurts, fresh fruit or fruit pots

Afternoon snacks:
– Cheese & ham toasted sandwiches
– Wheaten bread with cheese
– Muffins
– Beans on toast

We also offer a selection of fruit on a daily basis

Sample Lunch Menu