For Babies

Warm bottles are fed to our infants in the arms of our caring members of staff’s throughout the day, while our fledgling age children are gently encouraged to feed themselves with a member of staff always close by to provide a helping hand. Each day parents receive a short report giving information such as how the child has eaten, slept, nappy changes and in what activities he or she has been involved.


Sample Menu: 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Choice of Cereals  Choice of Cereals  Choice of Cereals  Choice of Cereals Choice of Cereals
Organic biscuit & raisins Cheese cubes Rice cake and raisins Cracker bread with butter Breadsticks and
Lunch Turkey with broccoli and potato Beef, mash potato and pureed peas Lamb casserole Pasta with fresh home made tomato sauce Chicken, carrot & potato
Afternoon snack Carrot hummus & pitta bread Mini Brioche Vegetable soup & brown bread Mini chicken sandwiches Home made rice pudding with fresh
Second afternoon snack Pureed fresh fruit Pureed fresh fruit Natural yogurt with fresh fruit Pureed fresh fruit Pureed fresh fruit