Parents Information

Weecare Day NurseriesAt Wee Care Day Nurseries in Belfast and Dublin we understand and acknowledge the crucial role of parents as primary carers of their children.

We work in partnership with parents by providing:

  • A daily report  which details food, sleep times, nappy changes, activities ,medical information (antibiotics given) and any other general information.
  • A full and comprehensive parent handbook which details all our main policies and procedures.
  • Various guest speakers to provide information to parents in regards to developing parenting skills, managing children’s behaviour, healthy eating for the child etc.
  • Parents evenings with access to first aid trainers, speech language therapists, parenting courses etc. This also provides a great opportunity to chat with your child’s carers in a relaxed environment and view scrapbooks, artwork around the room and observation folders.
  • Parent /teachers meetings for our 3-5 year age group.
  • Pre-school Graduations.
  • Observation folders for each child detailing their progress of their time in each age group and scrapbooks containing plenty of photos and artwork.
  • Parent’s days during the summer where parents, staff and children can mix in a warm relaxing environment.
  • Regular nursery newsletters.
  • A Facebook page for each nursery, containing lots of great photos and information about our nursery activities (consent from parents gained upon joining Wee Care for child’s photos to be used on site).