Day Nurseries Belfast: Windsor Ave Day Nursery “Big Toddle”

Children in the fledglings and toddlers groups took part in the ‘Big Toddle’ on 25th June to raise money for Barnardo’s. Everyone was really excited and enjoyed their walk around the local area. The pre-school group did their ‘Big Toddle’ on 26th June. They wore fancy dress and had their faces painted before heading off to Botanic Gardens to enjoy the sunshine and have fun playing on the swings and slides.

Big Toddle June 2013 Preschool 2

Big Toddle June 2013 WA Big Toddle June 2013 WA Preschool

Wee Care Day Nurseries are located throughout Belfast with nurseries on Windsor Avenue, Kings road, North Road and Antrim Road.

Wee Care Day Nurseries Belfast

Posted by Phil on July 2, 2013

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