Will my child have outside play time?

We will strive to bring your child outside every day. We ask you to provide appropriate clothing in the winter and hats and sun cream in the summer. Our extensive outdoor areas in each of our crèches encourage physical activity as part of our daily curriculum.

How much notice do I need to give if I want my child to finish in the crèche?

One month’s notice in writing is required for any changes of attendance.

How much notice do I need to give if I want to change my child’s attendance times?

One month’s notice in writing is required for any changes of attendance.

Is Wee Care open year round or is it closed for holidays?

Wee Care branches are closed during the following holiday times:

  • From Christmas day until the first working day of the new year (with the exception of RTE childcare who remain open during this period).
  • Good Friday – Monkstown branch only
  • Easter Tuesday – Belfast only

Do I pay childcare fees even when my child is out sick or on holidays?

Fees are due in advance within the first week of every month. Your monthly fee is the same year round even if your child is out sick or if you are on holidays.

How do I book a childcare place in Wee Care?

We invite you to make an appointment to come and see which of our nurseries most suits your needs. We will then ask you to fill in an application form, which along with a booking deposit will secure your place.

How do I involve myself in Wee Care?

  1. We invite parents to come on trips and outings with us.
  2. We hold a family day every year.
  3. We offer training courses for parents in child development, paediatric first aid, speech development and any other requests from parents.
  4. We hold annual Christmas and graduation plays.
  5. Wee Care operates an “open door” policy entitling any parent to visit their child in their child’s room at any time throughout their day.
  6. We have a steering committee in some of our branches where parents are asked for their opinions of the running of the crèche.

How are transitions from one stage to the next handled?

Moving from one stage to the next can be challenging for both parents and child. With this in mind we will introduce your child to the next stage gradually and gently beginning with short visits, which will gradually increase until your child is completely comfortable with the move.

What happens when my child needs to be toilet trained?

Toilet training in Wee Care is completely child led. We will let you know if your child is expressing an interest in the toilet and we will recommend that you start the process at home over the weekend. We will then support you and your child in every way throughout the toilet training process.

How do you guide my child’s behaviour?

At all times we encourage the development of a sense of positive behaviour in children. All staff implement this policy across all age groups keeping in mind each childs stage of development.

How do you teach the children to care about the environment?

In some of our crèches we have a vegetable garden /plant garden that the children take care of themselves throughout the year. We teach the children to take care of our environment by teaching them all about the world and the environment, how to act responsibly, to not litter, to recycle and how to plant seeds and flowers.

Will my child’s specific dietary requirements be met?

We will do everything we can to provide your child with specific dietary requirements. Please contact your local nursery to discuss further.