Wee Care RTE Bake SaleHere at RTE childcare we hold our annual bake Sale every Spring.  We organise the bake sale event to help fundraise much needed funds for ‘Temple Street Hospital, Dublin.

Each year the Montessori children get involved in baking some splendid delights such as cakes, buns, pastries and much more.  These treats are then set up in the local staff canteen on campus for the RTE employees including parents for them to purchase.  Parents are also encouraged to get involved with us by either baking some items at home with their children or purchasing items from a store for the Montessori Children to sell at the event.

The children set up and assist customers with their chosen selection of treats to purchase.  It’s a great day for the children and they love getting actively involved throughout the whole event.  The children stand proudly showing off their delights and selling the items and adding up money afterwards and we have a little party to celebrate their success.

Posted by Sean on March 29, 2012

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