Wee Care Day Nurseries Easter Fun

Wee Care Day Nurseries

Some examples of what the children got up to over Easter in our Dublin and Belfast Nurseries. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


At our Windsor Ave Nursery in South Belfast, there was a visit from the Easter bunny, the children also made buns and egg baskets and had great fun on the bouncy castle.

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At our Antrim Road Nursery in North Belfast: This week the children had lots of fun getting ready for Easter. In the Fledgling group they took a walk down to Tesco where they bought ingredients to make Easter buns. In Toddlers they made Easter Baskets and decorated eggs to put into them! In Pre-school and After-school groups they made lots of exciting things and the Easter bunny came to visit hiding eggs all over the nursery for the children to find! Lots of fun was had by everyone!”

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At our RTE Nursery in Dublin they also had a visit from two Easter Bunnies

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Posted by Phil on April 23, 2014

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